February 22, 2012

two // twenty-two // twenty-twelve

so, i realize that lately my posts have just been compilations of miscellany and randomness about life. but sometimes you just have to go with the flow, you know?

thankyou for all the get well wishes! i'm feeling a little better now, so that's hopeful news.

last night was so weird. i tried to sleep. almost all night i dreamt that i owned a hotel. and every time i woke up (11:08, 2:37, 4:22, 5:38) i felt like i was in a cloud. or a fog. or a pillow. and every time i fell asleep, i dreamt a new part of that same dream.

i'm listening to switchfoot right now. what else?

i love all the poems and songs in the lord of the rings. often when i was reading the book and a poem came up i would read it out loud. and so now i memorized the one below. it's pretty short, but i love it all the same. and today i whispered it to myself, and my little brother said "i heard that. you were talking about lord of the rings." what did i say? "of course."

today i feel quite restless. i've spent waay too much time online. i don't really know what else to do at this point.

school = yuckblehdisgustHATE.

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by the way, i just realized that previously all my links were the same color as the text. so you couldn't distinguish them from eachother. i just fixed that, sorry.

these are the frames, quotes, and glitter i mentioned yesterday. i'm pretty excited.

so now i'm going to get off the computer and try to do something.

abbie /// xoxox 


  1. I love that poem! Like, so much! And I about passed out when I saw my sister on your Posts of the Week list! (she's Hannah, from Strawberries with Cream) I literally shrieked and ran into her room to tell her!

    And the fact that you made frames with quotes in them, and one of them is a Pooh bear quote made my day. I'm going to have to do that now.....

    ;) <3 I adore your blog so much!

  2. I love those dreams that you keep dreaming even when you wake up. Except for the rare times when they're nightmares, and then they're ten times worse.
    Sometimes I'm sure Tolkien was meant to be read aloud, it just sounds so epic and the poetry is just so good.
    Anyway, I can't actually being to describe how flattering it is that one of my posts was your favorite. I think that made my day. Or, more likely, my week.
    Thanks, that means a lot :)



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