February 11, 2012

vlog #2!

(for the record, I love how it shows me & him laughing as the picture!)


I apologize for the length! I edited out, like, 5 minutes, but it only cut it down to 11 minutes!

Mathias has not seen Lord of the Rings. He only hears me us talking about it so much.

Sorry for all my awkward fake laughs.

When I said "the most special girl", I didn't mean I was more special than you all :) I really mean that I felt so blessed to have my new camera & my family.

I totally forced Alex into showing himself to the camera. Except, as can be seen, I didn't edit out the parts with him. He's okay with that :)

When Mathias said "He's all I need", it's a reference to this video :)

I think that's it! And now for some saturday snapshots (hey, I like that!)

brothers doing some reading 

this picture makes me giggle.


why yes, we did watch tangled.

reading + movie watching = ultimate multi-tasking. 

aww :) (btw, i did indeed take this picture pf the tv with my camera.)


banana/chocolate/walnut bites = mmm....

happy saturday, friends!

abbie /// xoxox

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  1. That's the funniest thing EVER! Your vlogs are awesome! Your little brother reminds me of my little sister - we're so goofy together sometimes! ;P
    You recite movies from memory too?! Then at least I'm not the only weird person in the world who does that...
    Have an awesome rest-of-the-weekend! :)

    eve @ essence of eve

    p.s. I'm hoping to be able to send those prints along sometime next week! ;)


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