February 9, 2012

when loveliness befalls a life. (or a post slightly dedicated to pictures.)

I love it when something wonderful & unexpected comes into your life. And you never planned for it to happen, but it befalls you. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. I never, ever, ever imagined myself loving it like I do. I didn't even want to watch the movies! The only reason I do love them now is because I happened to catch the first two minutes of the movie, and by then it was too late.

Joy is so spontaneous. Loveliness befalls us when we least expect it. And it really is quite wonderful.

see the book on the bottom? my aunt brought it to me today. it's pretty fabulous.

This is Simon. Isn't he too adroable? My mom is friends with his mom, so he comes to play with my little brothers sometimes. 

i love this kid. 

and this one.

how do you like my name in angerthas

my older brother, Alex. who would've thought that  one photo would spark a half-hour long spontaneous photoshoot? we had many laughs, indeed.

goodnight, lovelies!

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. new vlog tomorrow! featuring a very special guest....

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