March 12, 2012


this is efraim. he's two years old. he was born on july 23rd, 2009. i'll always remember the day he was born. i woke up early to leave for swimming lessons and found not my mom but my grandmother in the house. it took me a minute to realize that my fourth brother was coming into the world.
he loves cuddles. he loves to give hugs. he's very kissable. he loves his stuffed animals. he carries a pillowcase and calls it his blankie. he loves it when i sing to him before he falls asleep.
his hair is long and blonde because we've only cut it once. his eyes are big and blue. his skin is soft and his voice is sweet. one day he pointed out the window and said to me, "i love that tree. it's so pretty."
he loves tickles (or maybe i just love to tickle him.) he loves to watch movies, especially veggietales & pixar. (he knows what's good for him.) he has the same smile as me. whenever we look into a mirror together, i say, "who's that?" and he gives me a big smile just like mine.
he loves to look at pictures of his siblings & cousins. and when he sees someone he recognizes, he'll say, "that's me!" "that's you!" "that's luukas!" "that's cousin neve!" "that's dog!" (< referring to my aunt's dog Lexi)
his sister is very proud of him.
i love you, efraim.

abbie /// xoxox


  1. Awww, he's so cute. It's my personal opinion that blond haired, blue eyed kids are the cutest. Even though I wasn't one. :)


  2. Wow, beautiful pictures. I like them.


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