March 1, 2012

happy birthday, strider

dear aragorn (or strider or elessar, whatever you prefer to be called at this point. you have a lot of names.)

first of all, i want to say that you are pretty awesome. in fact, if i didn't love samwise and peregrin and meriadoc so much, you'd be my favorite. but you're cool with that, aren't you? they're friends of yours.

just today i watched you at the black gate. now that is the best. you were pretty amazing there! (course, you're amazing everywhere.) every time they showed you i was like, "yes!"

i liked reading about you in the books. you always seemed to know what to do. also, i think it's pretty cool that you can speak elvish. (i mean, who wouldn't want to be able to speak sindarin on-demand?) i also think it's pretty cool that you got to marry arwen. (that elrond is pretty hard to persuade.)

i love how you decided to protect the hobbits from bree on. i'm glad, too, because if one of them had died i would have cried myself to death. i love how when frodo and sam left the company you didn't just shrug your shoulders and head for minas tirith. no, you decided to track merry & pippin even though it would be pretty much impossible for a man, an elf, and a dwarf to track down a pack of uruk-hai by themselves. i can't decide if you were better during helm's deep or pellenor fields - but probably pellenor. i mean, it's not every day the heir of elendil shows up with the sword that was reforged to summon an army from the dead.

today is your birthday, though i can't count how up to how old you would be this year. i'm sure you're still considered a hero of literature. and though the days of middle-earth are past, there are still some people - like me, hannah, and ellie - who remember you and will take take the time to say happy birthday.

so - haps, bro.


abbie /// xoxox

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  1. The black gate scene = the best, most epic scene in the history of film.
    "It's not every day the heir of elendil shows up with the sword that was reforged to summon an army from the dead" couldn't have said that better if I tried. :) Basically, I love this post from top to bottom. I'm sure Aragorn appreciates it as well. ;)



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