March 20, 2012

i'm ready to start living.

"efraim, give zachary a kiss." 

me: "matti, lick it." him: "i don't want to." 

i may or may not have hijacked him to take a picture with me. (and i will never be able to say the word "hijack" again without thinking of the hunger games.)

The wind calls me to come outside. And I answer. My hair flies out behind me as I run. My voice rings out. My shutter clicks. I'm filled with joy. Where there was once cold, there is now warmth. Where there used to be hard ice and crisp snow, there is now soft grass and forgiving earth and water that squishes under my bare feet. Where the plants once slept, they are beginning to come awake. And so am I. I'm ready to start living; ready to come alive. Now's when my life begins. It's time for me to embrace the world that I'm in. Time to start becoming more than who I am now - the person God wants me to be.

I'm ready.

Abbie /// XOXOX

p.s. lord of the rings pin-fests make me so happy.


  1. I love your pictures, as always. Also the word hijack has extremely bad connotations now because of Mockingjay. :)


    1. agreed, agreed (on 'hijack'). :)

  2. Also, I love your new design. That picture you drew is really awesome.

  3. Hijack haha, yeah I got really angry at Suzanne Collins for doing something evil to Peeta like that :P Lovely photos by the way!

  4. i love your blog your design and i love your picture this is great post.I am so grateful for your blog. Great.thanks


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