March 9, 2012

it begins.

march break has begun. and i kicked it off last night by spending two+one half hours in the kitchen cleaning and making overnight slow-cooker oatmeal. it was very delicious.

but, i guess if you wanted to say that march break started this morning, i started it creatively. i wanted to create something. i wanted to paint. i wanted to use watercolors. so that's what i did.

a little chocolate snack. 

i was trying to evoke a mystical, whimsical, sping-ish woodsy scene. (so i may not be the best with descriptive words.) i started with the trees, then the grass, then the sky. i'm quite happy with the finished result.

i'm trying to make this march break as computer-free as possible. (so why am i online writing this? hmm...) so i'm going to schedule a few posts. i'll definitely write two or three in person, but it'll be nice to have some scheduled so i don't have to worry about writing however many posts.

march break? i'm running at you with open arms. this is going to be awesome.

abbie /// xoxox


  1. Anonymous9.3.12

    Have a wonderful break! Just so you know, I'm loving your blog, both your wonderful photos and your writing... Johanna

  2. LOVE the painting. LOVE overnight oatmeal and LOVE LOVE LOVE Zach and that adorable photo of him!!! xo

  3. I Have the same exact paintbrushes :P
    I like your painting :)


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