March 5, 2012

little happy things, v.2


11. bazooka joe bubble gum. (bubble-blowing contest, anyone? i'm really bad at those.)
12. josh wilson.
13. when you sing the same songs so often that when you don't sing along, they sound like something's missing.
14. getting out of bed at 7:37am on a monday. i have no idea what possessed me to do this.
15. writing out all the lyrics to a song on index cards.
16. when your older brother tries to make a paper airplane out of your percent formulas worksheet.
17. playing blocks with little brothers.
18. looking through pictures of little brothers.
19. re-reading favorite parts of LOTR.
20. i'll admit it - the hunger games trailer. (i think it might be a better movie than book!)
21. making a list of my favorite parts in the LOTR movies.
22. questions like these in math: write the number 22 in words. thankyou, eighth grade math.
23. laughing my head off at more math questions, like this one: ted's father makes $3,000 a month, ted's mother makes $2,400 a month, ted himself makes $300 a month, and ted's sister makes $526 dollars a month. what's their joint income? i don't really care, because i don't know how old this ted kid is, but he is FILTHY RICH.
24. wishing the snow would melt so i could go climb a tree. (actually, i don't mind the snow much when it's warm, but yesterday it was like 30 below. that's not fun. plus, i want to climb trees.)
25. saying to my mom, " i think i'd be devastated to meet the four actors who played frodo, sam, pippin, and merry (i could give their names but that would take a bit) because they wouldn't be short, like in the movies. they would be taller than me." she replies, "i think you would be shaking, you'd be so excited to meet them." me: "yes, i would, but that's besides the point."
26. funny typos you make. like "inches" into "ubches".
27. wishing my parents would go to the library already so they can get me catching fire and mockingjay.
28. singing at the top of your lungs.
29. being a LOTR know-it-all. (sometimes i feel like people think i'm lame because i know so much about it. but, then, again, i don't care, because it's the best. just this morning, i argued with my dad on the pronunciation of "buckland" (where merry lives) . he still doesn't think i'm right, though.)
30. pippin's song in ROTK. because it's the best. because it's the first - no wait, second - time that i got teary-eyed when i watched the movie. because it's actually a poem that appears in book one. and because it was set to music by the actor who played pippin himself. (see? i am a know-it-all. woah, that sounds like i'm bragging. i'm not trying to. please. forgive me!!! okay, i'm done.) you must can watch it below. (for the record, though - the steward gives me the creeps.)

31. realizing that some of these "little happy things" aren't so little. (please excuse my last paragraph.)
32. some black and white pictures. and some color ones too.

33. efraim, efraim, efraim. he is definitely the most photogenic of my siblings so far. (so what if he's two?)
34. wearing bright colors.
35. finishing school.
36. milk & cookies. (regrettably, all the cookies have been eaten.)
37. your face when i say that if you read this far, you are incredibly awesome.
38. my dad coming in my room with a very serious look on his face: "do you know what's happening this weekend?" me, looking uncertain: "well.... no...." me: "you and mommy are finally leaving us forever." dad: "no. that's not it." me: "you're both going on a cruise without us." dad: "no. not quite that dramatic..." phone rings. he runs to get it me: "now i'll never get to know!" dad, returning from answering the phone: "we spring forward." me: "oh, no! that's horrible!" (seriously, i've been all proud of myself for getting up at 8 o'clock every morning. now i have to get up at what feels like 7 o'clock until it feels normal.)
39. realizing i say "a lot" a lot.

with that, i'll be done until next time.

'a lot' of love...

abbie /// xoxox


  1. My favorites-
    19, 22, 23 (seriously? I wish I made $300 a month...) 25 (I second everything. I would probably faint from the excitement and from the tragedy that I'm taller than them. Which actually may not be a tragedy since that would mean I'm a hobbit...) 29 (LotR know-it-alls are the best. Even if a lot of people don't agree. :)) 30 (words fail me every time. How someone could be so cruel as Denethor is completely beyond me; and Billy Boyd sang that to perfection. I get teary eyed too, even after all the hundreds of times I've seen it, which only testifies to how good it is) Your pictures are awesome. And I agree, daylight savings is a horrible idea. :)

    Well that was a long comment. ;P

    Hannah <3

    1. I know, I know, I know! (regarding the song. :D) I've been singing it all day!! :)

  2. You have ALOT of "little" happy things!! Keep it coming.

  3. oh. my. gosh. i love that song! lotr is the best, no? so beautiful.
    and yes, starbucks is very good. you must go there. like, now, to make me feel better. okay? okay.
    -jocee <3

  4. I LOVE your blog.
    FYI, my blog is new


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