March 19, 2012

little happy things, v.3

alternately titled//

march break conclusion
everything is awesome
spring has sprung


40. inside jokes.
41. watching ROTK during a thunderstorm. (picture - minas morgul + thunder +lightning)
42. admitting that, why yes, i did cry while watching lord of the rings.
43. tea (always)
44. buttered pancakes
45. switchfoot (obviously)
46. writing letters
47. warm weather
48. the intoxicating scent of freshly-baked granola
49. open windows
50. peeta mellark (and trying to explain to my seven-year-old brother who he is)
51. being emotionally spent after watching ROTK
52. narnia
53. soundtrack music (right now, 'concerning hobbits'. BEST SONG EVER.)
54. planning to sew
55. the gasping voice (don't ask.)
56. sunshine
57. "this is the only place on earth that will always feel like home." -me, on my hometown
58. conversations with two-year olds
59. walking
60. being the last one awake
61. journaling
62. people who like the same things as you
63. listening to the grey havens music and wanting to cry
64. me: "singing is my life." le friend: "i thought reading was your life." me: "yup. singing, reading, and photography."
65. the smell of summer nights
66. efraim's blonde hair
67. blogging + pinterest (and attempting to spend less time on each)
68. strawberry milkshakes
69. delayed flights (my uncle's flight was delayed on saturday, so he got to stay another day.)
70. this.

abbie /// xoxox

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  1. Efraim is too cute. Seriously, he looks like he escaped from Rohan, or Hobbiton. And your photography is lovely!


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