March 6, 2012

oh, dear..

dear eve,

thanks for letting me steal your idea.

but i still disagree. peeta is waay better than gale.

dear j. r. r. tolkien,

i consider you one of the best writers EVER. thankyou from the bottom of my heart for what you have added to the world.

crazy fangirl

dear books, 

i like to hug you.

also, you smell very nice.

dear snickerdoodles,

you are so delicious.

especially when paired with a glass of milk.

dear abbie's head,

it's okay. really. i don't need three or four post ideas in one day. you can take a break.

how about one or two?

dear frodo baggins/elijah wood,

your eyes creep me out.

but you were pretty awesome in LOTR.

dear internet,

i wish you would die all day except for one hour. maybe then i wouldn't waste so much time.

it's nothing personal.

dear bubblegum,

why do you lose your flavor so fast?

you don't last very long.

dear jon foreman,

are you not the best songwriter ever?

if you remember meeting me at all.

dear march break,

you start on friday. I AM EXCITED.

it's gonna be awesome.

dear snow,

you can hang around for another few weeks.

if you pass it along to your friend spring that he's expected by then.

dear samwise,

yes, you are awesome. yes, i love you. yes, peter jackson (or whoever wrote the script) took away your elvish speech right before you take down shelob in the book. but yes, you're still really amazing.

the hobbit-lover.

dear older brother (alex),

tell me. why is it that when i want to be alone you always come and bug me, but when i actually want to hang out with you, you're never around?

slightly annoyed lonely sister.

dear lord of the rings soundtrack,

i need to buy you asap.

we can have a music-party.

dear catching fire,

i am going to read you. but i have a feeling you'll be the worst book in the world.

extremely nervous.

dear best friend,

never let me start a standing ovation alone again. ever.

i forgive you.

dear daylight savings time,

you are the worst idea ever. older brother says "take a hike". i agree with him.

dreading you.

dear jocee of the cupcake dictionary,

you are pretty awesome. thanks for commenting here.

an admiring reader.

dear meriadoc,

how's buckland this time of year? i could use a vacation.

the shire sounds quite lovely.

dear followers,

one hundred sixty-nine of you. i feel so special.

one happy blogger.

dear commenters, 

you rock! and by the way, you should check back for replies. because i often do reply. and if you didn't get them i'd be sad.

that same happy blogger.

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. random photo-that-i-did-not-take time:


  1. Very entertaining. I talk to my head sometimes too. Like, "Head, why do you give me the greatest number of creative ideas when I have the least amount of free time?"

  2. You're welcome... and no, Gale is way better than Peeta. :D
    LotR soundtrack is AWESOME! I have all three and I <3 them! Concerning Hobbits, Lothlorien, Evenstar, and The Steward of Gondor are my favourite songs!

    eve @ essence of eve

  3. I love this post. And I'm with you on Peeta... :) Maybe you should tell the snow to come hang out with me when you're done with it. :) Daylight savings has to be the worst idea ever. And the LotR soundtrack is amazing. On thousands of levels.


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