March 10, 2012


it's march break. but, yeah, i said that already.

what are my plans for this week, you might ask? they are as follows:

-i made a spontaneous decision to read the chronicles of narnia. (i love that word. chronicles.) suprisingly enough, we have three copies of the chronicles+the audiobooks in the house, but i've never read them. this should be fun.
-my uncle is coming for a few days. me+him+my older brother are awesome together. he's eighteen and he's kind of like a cousin to us. which is nice, because the only two cousins I have are a one-year old and an eight-month-old, and while they're adorable, they're not much for conversation.
-watching - WAIT FOR IT - lord of the rings! (can you believe it? my uncle's eighteen and he's NEVER seen lord of the rings. well,we're about to change that.)
-watching planet earth.
-planning the garden with mommy.
-doing more creative stuff, like yesterday. maybe some more painting, drawing, blackout poetry.
-keeping my brother entertained.
-building a fort, and reading and watching movies inside it.
-writing a letter to someone very awesome.
-drinking tea.
-making it the best march break ever.
-being awesome.

so i guess i couldn't really write everything i plan to do this week. but i'm super excited. <3

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. read this post by gracie - i love her!
p.s.s. promised balrog video coming this week.


  1. Cheers to a happy month of March. I hope to get around to doing some creative projects too, it's been ages since I've done a little arts and crafts. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love your pictures! They're so pretty! And I can't wait for the Balrog video. Just this last year I introduced my cousins to LotR because they had never seen them either. Enjoy reading the Chronicles of Narnia. Those books are awesome.
    Hannah :)

  3. I still can't believe it's March break already. No school for a whole week. Awesomeness. <3
    I hope you enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia! :) Get ready to become obsessed (I'm forever checking old wardrobes, when I come across them ;P).
    I wonder who the 'very awesome person' you're writing a letter to is. ;P
    Photos = <3

    eve @ essence of eve

  4. p.s. I found this LotR tag you just might want to check out ( ;)


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