March 4, 2012

so now the truth comes out.

(if you're thinking that this post title must imply a super-serious post coming, don't worry. it's only about the hunger games. actually, the post title is, in fact, a quote from monsters, inc.)

so, yes, this is about the hunger games. no, it's not an obsession-post.

ever since everyone started being excited about the hunger games on blogger and pinterest, i've been slightly annoyed. (of course, that was right around the time i got into lord of the rings. so i was quite biased. ) from what i had heard about the story, i thought it was just dumb. after a while i began to get genuinely ticked off, to the point where i would be in my room on my laptop, and i would yell, "why is everyone obsessed over the hunger games?!?!" cue all my family who would be upstairs thinking, "okay, now she's going wacko."

i'd had vague visions of me reading them (and actual dreams), just to prove to myself that i was right, that they weren't that good and not worth obsessing over. but they never really took shape until my mom told me that my dad wanted to read them. i was like, "why?" mom looks at me - "he saw the trailer. he thought it looked interesting. your dad likes stories."

later on, i walked up to my dad. "so, i hear you're planning to read the hunger games."
"i did."
"i read it."
"a couple weeks ago."
my poor dad, at this point, he has that same cold that i'm still getting over, and his face is buried in his arms on the table from fatigue.
"so, were they any good?"
"mm, it was okay. you wouldn't like it though. the book is in the house right now."
i'm still in shock. "huh?"
"it's in my pocket."
now i'm just confused. pocket-hunger-games? "uh... how?"
"in my coat pocket."
oh. okay. well that's understandable. his coat pockets are bottomless pits.

an unquenchable curiosity is arising. so i go find his coat. it's not in the right pocket... check the left... bingo! i started to read.

my first thought - well, this is sort of sad. (did anyone else find the present-tense a little confusing at times?)

one thing I can say about the book is that is was a fast read. it took me around 4-5 hours to read. i stayed up until midnight reading and continued in the morning.

yes, it was far better than i expected. (yes, i still like LOTR better. waaaayy better.) i actually couldn't put it down. like everyone else, i was a fan of peeta. so far anyways. i hated how it ended. because it makes me want to read catching fire desperately.

conversation with dad, after finishing it...

"did you finish it?"
"what did you think?"
"it was okay. nothing like lord of the rings, though."
"no, nothing..."
"how do you think it's going to end?" (this is dad talking, by the way.)
" i dunno. katniss is going to run home to her precious gale and leave peeta all alone and i'll be mad at her forever."
"oh, i don't know. i think it'll work out with peeta in the end."
If you know how it ends, DON'T tell me. Just DON'T. Or I will personally make you pay.

so, there ends my tale with me and the first book of the hunger games series. and now, because i would never dream of neglecting my precious samwise (or my precious pippin), i'm going to watch the rest of return of the king that i never watched yesterday. i was reading doing the dishes, and it got too late in the end.

abbie /// xoxox

edit: i just watched the hunger games trailer. and then i watched it again. now i really, REALLY want to see the movie. okay, going to go watch the trailer again.


  1. That's really funny! I read HG, but I haven't read mocking jay yet..... but yes, peeta's sweet. and awesome. I loved the first book so much because of that. and I felt the exact same way at the end of that book!

  2. Yep, HG was good. No, it's doesn't hold a candle to LotR. But I can't say I'm overly excited for the movies, I liked the psychological aspects of the books, and what the people are thinking that I'm not sure they can do in film. Because it's just hard to show what people are thinking in a movie. Although that's more important to me in the later two books. Don't worry, though. I won't say a word about them.

    1. I'm looking forward to the movie, mainly because of Peeta. And Katniss, I guess. She is the main character, after all. :) But, anyways, The Hobbit is going to be waay better, so what does that matter? :D

  3. HG is awesome... so is your dad! ;P You like Peeta?!?! NO!!! Gale is way cooler. Admit it. I know you think you like Peeta, but deep down, it's really Gale. You HAVE to believe me!!!
    So I would really like to go see this with you... too bad you live seven hours away though...

    eve @ essence of eve

    p.s. I thought you should know, Katniss ends up with _______. JK!!! ;P

    1. You're hilarious, Eve. (And how do you know where I live??? Oh, wait.... I GAVE you my address. Haha ;) Sorry, but so far, it's Peeta. Gale's not doing much for me. Course, I haven't read Catching Fire or Mockingjay yet. I could change my mind. But for now, it's still Peeta. I won't let it come between us if you won't. <3

      Abbie /// XOXOX

  4. best books ever. i've been sharing spoilers with my friends so i'll shut up right now. but.. i do like Gale. i like him and peeta both.
    ps, like cute beanies? my friend donated something to a giveaway at my blog!:D

    AHHHHHH! i cant wait for the movie. i'm counting down the days.


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