March 30, 2012

some reading material

I'm going to show you four pictures. The first is a LOTR quote that I wrote on our chalkboard. The second is my adorable brother Zachary. The third is a pussy willow branch. And the fourth is... well, me.

because i feel like it, i'm going to share some favorite posts from the past week. it'd be pretty awesome if you could go leave them some love.

windblown // aspire
spring broke through // chapter thirteen
it's going to be a good day // the cupcake dictionary
two posts from fernweh magazine // the gloomy day guide & the boy with the piano
white chocolate // follow God - every day (i almost typed 'white chocolate - every day'.)
music. i love it. // girlz 4 God
i am a ghost upon the earth // lollipops & cupcakes
delicately blushed // pastor's girl's ponderings

(i really hope these links work, btw.)

now, off to bed... a super fun day planned tomorrow!

abbie /// xoxox


  1. I love all the pictures! Pink looks really good on you! Also, your little brother is so cute! And the links worked just fine for me!

    Hannah <3

  2. Hey! :)
    I just found your blog, and I just wanted to say great job! :) I really like it, and will visit often. (I followed, too. ;])

    Come over and visit me sometime @



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