March 2, 2012

spring fever

me: doctor, doctor! i think there's something wrong with me!
imaginary doctor: what are your symptoms?
me: i want to wear bright clothes, go outside without a coat, open all my windows, wear rubber boots - 
imaginary doctor (interrupting): you may stop there. i think i know exactly what you have.
me (clutching my throat): am i going to die?
imaginary doctor: no, it's okay. you have spring fever. it's been going around.

yes, i most often have little blond strands of hair in my face. no, i've never dyed my hair. 

okay, i know i either look really sick or really cold. at that point, i was a little bit of both. 

i am so desperate for spring to come! though it seems like it'll never peek through our mountains of snow. i have to keep hoping.

so, have you caught spring fever yet? (i promise you it's not fatal. i-doctor confirmed it.)

abbie /// xoxoxox

p.s. credit for all the picture of me go to my older brother Alex. he's not too bad a photographer, i should think.


  1. These are great pictures!

  2. These are super cute. I like your necklace!

  3. Beautiful pictures Abbie!!!


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