March 1, 2012

this morning///

today had already been the best march 1st ever. just for certain reasons.

a. my dashboard has been flooded with posts about being excited for spring. and when i look out my window, i see this:

yet, i know that i want it too. i may just have to wait a little longer. 

b. starting in on the candy that i got from the pastor and his wife at our church. (a birthday gift. yum.) 

 c. some more scrabble-tile fun. (don't you just love that green-and-white section of wall that I'm currently using as a backdrop for nearly everything because everywhere else in my room is too messy? yeah.)

d. five comments on yesterday's post? (conveniently posted at 10:30?) you guys. <3

(yeah, i had to upload these pictures manually because autoplay wouldn't open. i was only a little bit mad.)

e. finishing return of the king this morning. i don't think i'll ever be able to see the end without crying. soo awesomely intense/emotional. now i want to watch it again.

f. someone AWESOME whose birthday is today. a post may or may not be in order.

g. this pin. it should not have made me laugh as hard as it did. but i was laughing my head off.

h. this post. (are you jumping and screaming, Ellie? please tell me you are. ;)

i. finding out you have NO clean pants and getting to having to wear pajamas until the laundry is done.

happy march 1st, friends!!

abbie /// xoxoxox


  1. We don't have quite as much snow, but close. I NEED spring! :P
    Lovely photos!
    Ummm... autoplay?

    eve @ essence of eve

    1. Oh, sorry. Autoplay is the little window that comes up when you put your SD card in and asks if you want to upload the photos, view the photos, start a slideshow, etc. I have to upload them manually if it doesn't work.

      I know! I've got spring fever :)

      Abbie /// XOXOXOX

  2. Ohmigosh!!!! I'm freaking out right now! That means so much to me, thank you do much!!!!!

    And yes, that awesome person does seem deserving of a post, he'll get one sometime tonight from me:)


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