March 15, 2012

a trip to the tree

when i need someplace to just be for a while, i always go to the tree. just down the street, by the park. he's a big pine, and his strong branches are perfect for climbing. and this sunday night, i headed there, with my iPod and my camera. and i watched golden hour fade and the sun setting on my side of the world.

i feel like i can be myself there. it's somewhere i can just exist. a place to contemplate my life. it's a place that feels like home. sometimes i almost feel like my tree is listening to me. or maybe it's God himself. it's the most amazing feeling for me to sit in a tree. and i know i'll be going back soon.

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. i know what you're thinking - that my manicure in these pictures is just fabulous. everyone's paying big bucks for that chipped look.


  1. That's nice that you have a place like that where you can feel so free. Nice shots. :) I actually climbed a tree today too!

  2. I need a climbing tree. I don't have one, neither do I have a spot... umm... outside, I mean.
    By the way, I got your letter today! :) Keep a lookout for a reply (I may just have to rip out more pages out of my journal ;P).

    eve @ essence of eve


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