March 27, 2012

weekend retreat - part two

{part one - all the pictures}

in order to understand this post, you'll have to listen to this song. :)

this is amy's song, by switchfoot. i'd heard it a couple of times last summer, and then completely forgot about it. during march break, i was at a church event & they were playing switchfoot music. and this song played, and i was trying to remember what it was called. on thursday (march 22nd) i finally figured it out. and i loved it. this is what jon foreman (who wrote it) says about the song...

"Amy is a fictional character who represents the heroes in my life. She's one of the rebels of our time: a girl who worships God with all that she is. In spite of volatile grey skies, she is someone who truly burns to live and inspires these flames in everyone she meets. Amy is a Christian who throws all that she is into being real in a bar-code plastic world. I wanted her to be the antithesis of the "Concrete Girl" off our last album: someone who has found the answers to her most troubling questions in Christ. For He is a dangerous fire that burns in the face of the frozen landscape."

yesterday i said that there was a lot of God this weekend. well, there was. and what's crazy is that i actually knew He was speaking to me in so many different ways. the most important thing that He said was, "i have chosen you." throughout the weekend i kept hearing that so many times - in the Bible and through prayer. it was pretty incredible. 

i'm seeing now that amy's song is more than just a song for me. it's who i have to aim to be - a girl who worships God with all she is, someone who truly burns to live and inspires flames in everyone she meets - this is who i want to be. and it's time for people like me to step up and shine a light in this dark world.

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. i'll be back to regular posting soon :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It reminds me of the youth retreat I go to every year which is so wonderful. But I'm also happy you're back so you can keep blogging. :)



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