March 23, 2012

when i wake up at 7am...

...i run outside to watch the sunrise.

and i take pictures of my hair.

i finish school at 9:24am.

and i listen to music. on my computer, not on my iPod that just broke yesterday. :(

morning playlist...

concerning hobbits // this song makes me feel ever so happy.
amy's song // switchfoot
let that be enough // switchfoot

and i keep reading the silver chair, which my brother has been forcing me asking me to read faster. (i'm already a super fast reader! sometimes i think he just skims through books because he finished them so fast.)

i'll be going away this weekend! forever. and EVER. muhahahaha!! No, i'm just kidding, it's only for the weekend. going to a church retreat. and i get to stay in a hotel. and ride the elevator. :)

see you later!!

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. anyone going to see the hunger games today? my dad is going to take me next weekend.


  1. Finishing school early might just be the best feeling ever. And I think mornings are the best time of day.
    Sadly, I haven't seen the Hunger Games yet. Hopefully soon but I have no idea when soon will be. :)

  2. Hunger Games! Mind blowingly awesome! It packed every single emotion into one movie - I laughed, cried, got scared and excited all within five minutes. And, even though I've read the book a million times and knew what was going to happen, I was still on the edge of my seat.
    Also, great, great pictures. I love to look at them!

  3. Good plans. Anyway, I think the Hunger Games will be cool. I still don't think my parents will let me watch it. Oh,well.


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