March 7, 2012

yes, i am still a lotr fan.

(a pretty big one, too.)

Because it's self-proclaimed Official Lord of the Rings month, and because Lord of the Rings is still the best story ever even if I'm enjoying Catching Fire, and because today in the story Pippin and Gandalf are on their way to Minas Tirith, and because I couldn't resist (mostly because of question 8....) I am going to answer 11 questions about LOTR provided by the lovely Alyianna. And I know I already did the 11-11-11 tag, but really, who cares?

1. Who is your favourite character in all of Tolkien's books that you have read? Samwise. Then Pippin. Then Merry. (Yes, I LOVE HOBBITS.) Then Aragorn (he's to awesome to be forgotten).
2. Do you have any pet peeves concerning LOTR?
3. The Hobbit or LOTR?
I haven't read The Hobbit. Not until seeing the movie. So LOTR for now. (Aren't they the same story, anyways?)
4. Which "perversion" do you detest the most in PJ's LOTR? Definitely how they messed up the scene where Pippin looks into the Palantir. They totally dramatized it and made it look like Pippin wasn't even sorry until he was in Minas Tirith. And how they transferred Théoden's death speech from Éomer to Éowyn. And how they really sped things up in the first movie. And all the amazing stuff that they took out, including Sam's elvish speech before he takes down Shelob. Okay, I'm done.
5. Have you watched Ralph Bakshi's animated LOTR? If so, what do you think of it? Never watched it.
6. If you could visit one place in Middle Earth, where would it be? Oh, my gosh, everywhere!!! Probably the Shire. Or Rivendell. No, wait, Minas Tirith would be kinda cool. Okay, I'll have to say The Shire.
7. Which of the following would you rather be - an elf, man, hobbit, dwarf, or ent? Okay, I can't really be an Ent. I don't really want to be one, anyways. Aren't we already of the race of men? Elves are cool, but they're kind of somber. So I would be a hobbit. Because, after all, three of my favorite characters are hobbits.
8. You wake up one day to find that you are the Balrog standing at the Bride of Khazad-dum and Gandalf is telling you to go back! What do you do? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Funny that you should ask this. Because I am, in fact, the Balrog. Yes, that's right. Well, in reality, me and my older brother re-made The Bridge of Khazad-dum scene. He was Gandalf. And I was the Balrog. Maybe I'll post our video sometime. I would, of course, go back into the shadow. You don't mess with Gandalf.
9. Which character do you think PJ could have improved on in LOTR? Hmm... that's a hard one. I think he could've improved on Pippin and Faramir.
10. Which of the three PJ LOTR movies do you like best? Return of the King, baby. Oh yeah.
11. What is your favourite book of all the books Tolkien has wrote? Well, Lord of the Rings, obviously.

As an afternote, I still love the PJ Lord of the Rings movies. (Oh my gosh that is so fun. I think I'm going to refer to Peter Jackson as 'PJ' forever now.) I think that they did an amazing job with them. And while yes, they did take out some things and changed some others, I think that a good amount of the things they added were awesome. And they kept a lot of stuff that was amazing too. Like Sam's poem in Lothlorien about Gandalf's fireworks. (That was one of the things that made the movie for me.)

Today is the most beautiful day ever. I'm going to go on a walk and climb a tree later. And maybe then I'll post some pictures.

Abbie /// XOXOX

P.S. More random photo time - this time from LOTR! My best *fictional* friends - 


  1. Post it, Post it! (regarding the video). I'm glad to find we're not the only family that randomly acts out movie scenes. And the Return of the King- really, I don't think there'll ever be a better movie.
    And that scene was the BEST movie ending ever. Even if it was heart-breakingly sad.

    1. Yeah, I sobbed my eyes out at the end. I've NEVER cried that hard while watching a movie. When the credits started I was crying so hard I had to hide my face with a pillow. :)

  2. I. Love. Lotr.

    My fav characters are in this order sam, merry, and pippin:) whats NOT to love about lotr?!?

  3. Oh my goodness, I didn't answer question 2! Probably because the story is so perfect. But I hate that people don't really care about it, and if they don't know the story they kind of misunderstand it. Am I making sense?

  4. You want to be a hobbit and visit the Shire? I'm all for ELVES!!! Yeah, so I want to visit Rivendell. ;P
    Sam's poem? Can't recall anything. Need to re-read/re-watch LotR... definitely.

    eve @ essence of eve

    p.s. Just to let you know, the prints are on their way! :) Hope you get them soon!

  5. No, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are definitely not the same book. :P

    I'd love to see the video for #8!


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