April 6, 2012

in which i flood you with pictures

so... remember my last post? well, i have been out living.

a. my 50mm f/1.8 lens finally arrived!! i love it so much. i'm pretty sure all these pictures were taken with it except the first and the last.

b. we went to the library.

c. i started reading pride & prejudice.

d. i took lots of pictures of my little brothers, as you will continue to see.
e. we went to youth group. and we sang.

f. we smiled.

g. i grabbed my camera, a blanket, some journals, and my book, and spent at least an hour in my backyard. i read for a bit, but i ended up just lying there, resting. it was so nice.

h. luuki just randomly grabbed a rake and started doing yard work. it was so adorable.

i. zachary tried on his "little bear" suit.

j. efraim wore yellow rubber boots.

k. mathias rode his bike to the park. i'm so proud of the little guy. (today he also read 21 pages of on of the magic treehouse books. usually he's not big on reading, so it was super exciting.)

l. we went to the park again.

m. to round off the day, me, efraim, and luuki did a bit of reading.

our book: how to catch a star by oliver jeffers

n. speaking of catching stars... they sure were out tonight.

o (not pictured): i spent over an hour chatting with a friend on facebook. and we discovered some very interesting things.

how has your life been?

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. happy good friday... thankyou, Jesus!
p.p.s. just FYI these pictures were taken during thursday & friday (today).


  1. Love the Pride & Prejudice photo, that second one. :)
    Your brothers are so cute! My little sister is reading The Boxcar Children. ;)
    Haha! You could've taken a screen shot! Loved chatting with you too!

    eve @ essence of eve

  2. Yay for 50mm lenses!!! I love my 1.4. It's awesome. You'll definitely enjoy it!

  3. Yeah! Your day seems SO exciting. WoW! :)


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