April 21, 2012

little happy things, v.4

so, guess who officially hates vimeo? me. my first attempt at uploading the vlog only resulted in it uploading with no audio. and apparently, i used up all my upload space till next thursday. in the words of syndrome from the incredibles.... "lame, lame, lame, lame, lame!"

but, on a lighter note - some pieces of happy from the past few days.

little cousin left on wednesday. she is missed :) 

71. rain
72. brownies
73. cute children
74. hannah's muffin recipe
75. finding a new lord of the rings board on pinterest
76. re-reading the hunger games
77. new clothes
78. finding out that you got accepted to work at summer camp
79. being with friends
80. going to mcdonalds at ten-thirty [pm]
81. red dusk
82. little brothers
83. when luuki asks me when we're going to go to the disney castle
84. being me
85. seeing pins and thinking "oh, if my older brother had a pinterest, this one would be for him."
86. sunshine
87. this tea. (i know i always post stuff from David's Tea, but this stuff is seriously the best.)
88. singing
89. crazy awesome summer plans
90. temple run

abbie /// xoxox


  1. All of those things are basically awesome. I'm glad you liked the muffins! :) And I love the picture of the stop sign and the sunlight. That was really cool. :) The only thing not awesome in this post was that vimeo was being horrible... I can't wait to see the video whenever it decides to cooperate ;)


    1. Ha, that's actually a streetlight. But thanks :)


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