April 12, 2012

polaroid time

i feel as if i've been neglecting my poor little blog. i haven't been completely gone, 
i just haven't posted. i promise i'll be back to a regular schedule soon.
{all the polaroids made on poladroid.net}

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. new deisgn - thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Love these! <3
    NEGLECTED?!?! Girl, are you serious?! You've posted like eight times in twelve days. That's more than I can handle. ;P
    I love your new banner/background! I was going to tell you so in my letter (forgot. I forgot to tell you about a whole bunch of other things too. on to do list: practice letter writing.), but... oh, I'll tell you next time we chat on FB. Okay? ;)

    eve @ essence of eve


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