April 28, 2012

Spring... I can hear it.

My latest music love? This little EP called Spring - by Jon Foreman. (Who is none other than my favorite song writer ever!)

»» A drawing... I was going to just write the lyrics to 'March', but I ended up writing lyrics from all the songs.

March (A Prelude to Spring) makes me feel really happy. Your Love is Strong is such a good reminder that God`s in control. In My Arms is the song I want played at my wedding. Revenge and Love Isn't Made are two songs that are really thoughtful & contemplative. Baptize my Mind is... cleansing & renewing, in a way.

Enjoy listening, dears! And by the way, thanks for all your feedback on the vlog and on a couple of my more recent posts. You're all awesome :)

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  1. Again I like you. This is great. I honestly can't wait for another post.

  2. Your hand writing is so neat. I love it. :)

  3. I'm a big Jon Foreman fan too, Abbie! I love this album so SO much. When it first came out I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Maybe months. :) Your Love Is Strong is one of the best worship songs. Ever. <3

  4. Ah! Love Switchfoot, love Jon Foreman... and my name is Abbie haha!!!


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