April 1, 2012

that's mellarkable.

nothing to do on a sunday afternoon? the answer is simple. fill up a chalkboard with peeta mellark quotes.

mommy: why are we talking about peeta so much? do we like him?
me: i do.
mommy: like, the actor or the character?
me: the character, i thought i already told you that.
mommy: i'm just trying to figure out if you have a crush on an actor or a character from a book.
me: no. you're just trying to make me feel weird.

moms are funny sometimes. but peeta is awesome (though i know some people will disagree with me). he totally should've gotten more screen time in the movie.

happy april, friends!! :)

abbie /// xoxox


  1. I *just* finished reading the series for the first time.

    Wordless. :) It made me *feel.* The mark of a grand book.

    And, yes, Peeta is just superb.

  2. Wow. That's really cool!
    Some people? Why do I get the feeling that's addressed to one person in particular... ;P

    eve @ essence of eve

    1. Haha, maybe. It's okay :)

      Abbie /// XOXOX

  3. Go Peeta!! You go, girl! :)


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