April 4, 2012

two [important] things

first: some photography

i'm taking this april photo challenge. (just a note: i do not endorse the website that it came from - i have not looked into that website.) and here are the first 4 days.

day 1: your reflection

day 2: colour

day 3: mail

(i shot this one with freelensing.)

day 4: someone who makes you happy.

second: a confession.

so, i know that i posted pretty much every day in february and march. and in a way, i was able to do that because it was winter and i wasn't really doing much. but now that spring is (almost) here, i'm starting to see things differently. i am recognizing that the internet is becoming a huge distraction in my life. and i'm ready to change that. so ready.

i want you to know that blogging is a big part of my life, and i'm not ready to give it up at this point. but i'm just saying, that if you see a little less of me around here, that's a good thing. it means that i'm out living.

i love all you readers.

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. working on the q + a vlog! thanks for all the questions you sent in.

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  1. I think it is great that you are out living. I am totally OK with it.:) I also think (know) that the challenge is gonna be AWESOME!


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