April 15, 2012

weekend love

from top to bottom:

1. jellybean tea love (yes, those are legit jellybeans in the tea. if you're in Canada or the US, buy here. highly recommended.)
2. new teacup love
3. baby cousin love
4. ^same^
5. baby feet love
6. baby love (cousin neve + little brother zachary)
7. more neve love (btw, it's a short 'e' like in 'hen'. except it's 'neve'.)
8. baby cousin neve love
9. more baby feet love
10. dinnertime love
11. zachary's dinnertime love
12. eating lasagna love
13. cousins eating together love
14. neve all bundled up love
15. ^same^
16. plant love
17. matti love
18. neve love
19. matti + neve love
20. mommy + baby love (aka my aunt sophie + cousin neve)
21. oatmeal love
22. luuki + neve love (he told me that "neve was the cutest girl that auntie sophie could ever have." he's so adorable.)
23. zachary love
24. neve-in-swing love
25. orange elephant pajama love
26. caramel popcorn LOVE

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. a little more love? planning to put the q+a vlog up TOMORROW!


  1. lookit those pretty, blue eyes! how adorable. i love your photos, abby :)


  2. Nice photos,Abby :) I like your new blog design.

  3. Ahh those eyes! It's been said before but it deserves to be said again. :) Caramel corn is amazing, tea is better and your photography is best. Can't wait to see the vlog!

    Hannah <3

  4. love love love :) (can you send me the photos of me with Neve? I don't have a lot of those!! :) ) xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I love these pictures!!! I really like the upclose eye photo!!! Beautiful! Love your blog!


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