April 26, 2012

your questions answered!! (vlog three)

or, when i ramble on for nearly seventeen minutes. get ready, folks.


My siblings don't always yell like that. Seriously :)

On "favorite blogs", I'll cheat and add two that I forgot - Essence of EveThe Blog of Ellie Be. I have way more, but anyways... you can visit my blogroll page to see them all :)

I have WAY more favorite movies than that... but I just came up with that list off the top of my head, so, yeah.

When I yelled "stop", it's because my dad was outside the door and he yelled, "Wormtongue!" But I won't even mention him, because he's just disgustingly creepy.

Favorite photo = this one. :)

Any thing else that may possibly confuse you, just... ask me about it. This time I'll be nice and reply through comments.

Enjoy the video!! :)

Abbie /// XOXOX


  1. Becky26.4.12

    i love you! youre my favourite
    sweet blog, p.s.!!

  2. "Science... completely forgot." That's SO me!
    "Golden hour, 'cause it's just awesome." Agreed. <3
    You forgot to mention me in your vlog!!! NO!!! *bursts out crying* Haha! JK! :P
    My siblings are like that every single time I try filming a vlog... one of the reasons I haven't successfully completed one yet.
    You HAVE to come by my house when you're driving down to the airport in August, ok?!?! We're so filming a vlog together!

    eve @ essence of eve

  3. I've watched this like a hundred times, and ya know what? I like you. ;) you are awesome. The end.


    1. Aw. Thanks, dear. :) I like you too.

  4. That is so sweet of you to say my blog was one of your favorites! That totally made my day/week/month. :) This vlog is sheer epicness. That was a great choice of movies. :) Your siblings remind me of mine. Your dad is awesome too. :) Actually, I guess I can say everything about this is awesome.

    Hannah :)


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