May 28, 2012

favorite adventures

all these pictures are from april 6th, so that's why you see lots of snow. canada isn't that cold!

on april 6th and may 22nd, and many other times, me and my brother went to one of our favorite place: the river.

my brother and my dad love fishing. i don't. but going to the river always appeals to me. it's beautiful, and i always get so many good pictures when i go. my grandpa owns the property right by the river. it's about a twenty minute bike away (if you're fast and i'm not), then a ten or fifteen minute walk down to the river bank. and when you get there, you hear the waterfall. you hear the birds. you hear the wind.

we ate popcorn and granola bars. we made up hilarious stories. we caught one fish. i took lots of pictures. and it was a day to remember. we saw a beaver. we had a pair of sunglasses, so i stuck them over my camera lens to make my pictures really yellow-tinted.

last time we went, which was a week ago, i took mostly nature close-ups. i thought these pictures from april showed more of the adventure me and alex had. and plus, last time we went, there were so many blackflies that we couldn't stay for more than a half-hour. but it was still good. it always is. (hopefully, i'll get those pictures up on the blog soon.)

thanks to Ellie for hosting adventure month. her blog always rocks my socks off :)

abbie /// xoxox


  1. Awesome photos! Love the one of the beaver! Looks like a really beautiful place! And sounds like fun too! :)

  2. These are amazing! They make me wish we had winter here! Please Check out my blog...xoxo

  3. I'm so jealous that you live near a river and can go fishing there! Sometimes I wish I lived further out instead of being choked in the city. Fishing looks like a lot of fun, though I've never tried it myself. Lovely pictures!

  4. love your photos! :) keep blogging! x i wish i live at canada :(
    you live near the biebs right?

    x check my blog out? :)

  5. HI! I'm Gianna, and I'm new to blogging! I would loooove, though, for you to check my blog out!

  6. Hey! Just found you. :) I'm homescohooled too. I lve tea, lord of the rings, and hats spiders and slow Internet. :) I'm. Following you via gfc. In Him. Anne Katherine

  7. Awesome sauce! I love the photos you took. Looks like a lot of fun :)
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