May 21, 2012

forest fire

the reason for the title of this post is because there are forest fires going on in my area right now. (around a 1-hour radius of my town. the sky is grey and the air is smoky. we've been having thunder storms, which are good and bad, because they bring rain, but the also bring lightning, which can start more fires. so far we think the fires won't spread to our area.

and the song i have in my head? none other than forest fire by josh wilson, who is totes awesome.

i feel like i haven't posted in forever. i've been so busy this weekend, hanging out with friends and being crazy together. a post is in order (though it might not have pictures. i took hardly any and you'll see why when i tell you about it.)

in other news - i just finished reading waterfall by lisa t. bergren, and i can't decide who's better: marcello, luca, or fortino. although i'm leaning toward choice #2.

how's your life been?

abbie /// xoxox


  1. GAH! You read Waterfall?? We must gush together. Marcello and Luca are def both amazing... I don't know which I could call my favorite. I just reread Bourne last night on my computer, cuz it's ony available in eBook format, and I'm seriously so excited for Tributary to be released in mid-June.

    I hope those wildfires calm down soon, and that you guys stay safe :)


  2. Lovely. I have always loved rain and but used to be very scared of thunderstorms. Hopefully the fires get under control, though. Glad you had a great weekend.
    -Hannah :)

  3. beautiful photography!! I love thunderstorms...some of the best pictures come through rainy days. :)



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