May 13, 2012

my mother

she is amazing.

she brought me and my five brothers into the world, plus one more come september.
she wanted to become a stay-at-home mom for me and my two brothers (at the time) instead of finishing midwifery school. so that's what she did.
she is always giving of her time, energy, and love. (last night she was up till midnight doing laundry.)
every day. she cooks, cleans, takes care of kids, gives hugs, shows love.

so many times i've felt like i've failed to be a good daughter.
but tonight, i'm not letting the opportunity slip through my fingers.

thankyou so, so much. for loving me. for caring for me. for teaching me. for giving so much for me. for encouraging me to be so much more.
i love you, mommy.

abbie /// xoxox

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  1. how sweet! are we not blessed to call such amazing moms our own? ;)

    thank you so much for leaving the sweet note in my garden walk! I appreciate it very much!

    >>----> tending her garden @


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