May 23, 2012

so blessed, so thankful

my eyes open. it takes me a few minutes to adjust to the brightness of the room. i drag myself out of bed; a new day begins.

i get frustrated sometimes. i feel tired. i'm not motivated to do more schoolwork. i leave a path of destruction. it hurts me and others.

but when i step outside my door in the fading evening light... i see. i see all the beautiful things around me. frustrations and failures fade from view, and i am captivated by the beauty of this life. the beauty of the life that He gave me.

i am surrounded by blessings... and most of the time i don't even see it.

soft green grass under bare toes || long hair that blows in the breeze || bunches of dandelions, given to me by the little brothers || delicious banana muffins that my mom made || new friends, and old friends too || reading isle of swords (ohmygoshbubblesgoreaditnow) || summer hanging so close || song writing || bird songs + cricket calls || cool air || weekend plans || getting excited for camp

abbie /// xoxox


  1. Happy Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. what a great post♥
    (oh, and that last pic made me soooo hungry. thank you so very much for that, abby.)

  3. Anonymous24.5.12

    Abbie, Your photography is really amazing. Astounding. I remember the photography workshop I was in last year and the photos we looked at. Your photos would totally rate right up there! Johanna

  4. "i am surrounded by blessings... and most of the time i don't even see it." - ah so true. I wish more people would come to realize that. Your last photo is wonderful!


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