May 25, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, you guys. It was SO good.


Early on Friday morning, my parents and I went thrift shopping. I got a lot of really nice used clothes for cheap,
so, yeah, it was pretty awesome. We also went to the mall and I bought a DAVIDsTEA. It was delicious. And I
bought Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, which was pretty amazing, but you heard about that.

A couple hours after we got home, something amazing happened. The arrival of our awesome friends that we 
haven't seen in like two and a half years. That evening, we painted nails (the girls did), chewed bubblegum, talked
LOTR, and watched The Adventures of Tintin.


We slept in pretty late (10-10:30) and had cinnamon buns for breakfast (made by my awesome mom). Me and Aleesia spent alot of time outside, even though it was so hot. We adventured, drank slushies, and filled our hats with frost from the ice freezer outside of the convenience store. And that's a long and funny story. We also talked about the Hunger Games a lot. And about how President Snow totally looks like Santa Clause. (ADMIT IT. He does.)

We had the chance to sneak out for a photoshoot with the beautiful Aleesia.. Here's a couple from our unofficial session.


On Sunday morning our dear friends left, and it was pretty sad. I helped lead worship at our church, which was really great. When we got home from church my friend called and invited me and two of my brothers to go to her house. While the boys went fishing at the river, we went to jump on the trampoline and eat Freezies and popcorn. After that, our pastor's family came over to go canoeing/kayaking in the river. Me + three other friends were in ONE canoe, so it was kinda squished, and a little skakey, but we made it happen.

I was the third to get in, and when I got in the canoe, I actually tipped it, soaking my two other friends, me, and the bottom of our boat. It was a very funny moment. So, we all got really wet in the canoe. We paddled over to the bridge to see how my brothers were doing with their fishing. I was constantly being splashed by the steerer in the back. It was crazy fun. (The splashing was annoying; the trip was fun.

When we got back to the shore, my friend suggested we all go swimming in the river. I was the second to agree. We all got ready to go swimming in the river... My friend was used to swimming in the river, so she was completely silent as she stepped in. Me + the two others? WHOLE OTHER STORY. We were screaming and yelling. In our defense, the bottom of the river is super gross. The sand is pretty much clay, and there's lots of bits of wood and things that shift under your feet. But after a minute, I was having a lot of fun. I'm definitely doing that again.

When we got out, we sat on the roof and dried off while we talked.

It was SO fantabulously awesome. It's weekends like this that will always stay in your memory. All I know is, it will stay in mine.

Abbie /// XOXOX

P.S. I feel like I'm SO behind on posting... life's just been crazy, and we've been doing a lot of stuff, so I haven't found the time to write as much. All in due time. ;)

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  1. Sure sounds awesome! Days with friends are the best kind of days


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