June 25, 2012

flower-picking (and ramblings)

so. i'm really happy with how these pictures turned out. not to toot my own horn or whatever, but i feel like they define more of my style as a photographer.

ohgosh. camp was SO good. like, it was amazing. unfortunately, i quickly discovered that i left my only SD card at home. so no pictures. but hey. it was wonderful and i can't wait to go back on thursday.

and i started a summer project: my tumblr. yeah, i know it may not have been the best idea, considering the fact that i want to get off the computer more often. but anyways, it's an experiment. we'll see how it goes.

lately: music love = this & this. these two songs have been helping me through hard moments.

and speaking of music, i may get an iPod touch tomorrow, after almost three months of waiting. i'm seriously excited,

on thursday i go back to camp to counsel for the first time. i totally feel equipped after staff training, but any prayers would be appreciated. i love you follower-people. <3

and after this random rambling, i have to say i should probably go do something else. should probably.

abbie /// xoxox


  1. hee hee, loved these. and good luck with the counseling... and the ipod touch :]

  2. aw bummer that you left your sd card, but that's okay. our heads are the coolest memory graspers anyways. don't forget to double check this thursday!

    plus, i love these photos, especially the one of you holding the little flower. love the shoes, girl. <3 cheers x

  3. don't worry, I didn't take a single picture at camp either, haha. blessings on counseling soon! and i love your tumblr. (:

  4. I love the pictures of your hair! And your tumblr is awesome. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at camp!

    Hannah <3


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