June 27, 2012

just a nine year old with a disposable camera

found some more film pictures from my second camp session ever, when i was nine.

 you're welcome.

(more film photos here)

tomorrow is my first time counseling. i'm confident, but any prayers would be EXTREMELY appreciated. also, it's my little bros' first time at camp and he's nervous. i'm sure he'd like some prayers too :)

oh, and by the way, my instagram and twitter name is abbieloveslotr. if you have either, let me know your username! (if i haven't followed you already.)

tomorrow, guys. it's going to be good.

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. THIS VIDEO. watch it and laugh. then watch the bloopers. because they make the video ten times more awesome.

p.p.s. i promise i will bring my SD card this time. get ready for picture-mania when i get back.


  1. I JUST watched that yolo video today! Haha!

  2. Those pictures are pretty amazing for a disposable camera! And a 9 year old, I might add... ;)

    I'll be praying for you and your little bro, Abbie. I'm sure you'll do fabulous! xx

  3. these are such lovely film photos!! haha oh the memories that photos can keep...will pray for you!! you'll do great, don't worry. i'll follow you on instagram, my username is stellapangilinan :)

  4. Oh my. Sounds like so much fun. I hope today was a great day for you.

  5. I'm going to counsel tomorrow, too! I hope things go well for you and your little bro at camp. (:

  6. Have a great time at camp, YOLO!!!!! a little blimy cow humor for ya ;)


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