June 3, 2012

oh, how i've missed this.

to kick off the summer, we went bug collecting in the woods on friday.

coming back to the woods brought back so many happy feelings for me. we used to live right next to it, and i remember spending summer days among the tall grass and the trees. my brother, alex, built a whole bunch of forts there, from two tree forts to a "bomb shelter" to teepees. it's such a peaceful little place, even though it's so close to the road. you can focus on the wind ruffling the leaves, the sounds of birds and bugs, and the feeling of God throughout the whole wood.

and as i knelt down to snap a photo, i said to my brother,"alex, oh how i've missed this."

happy almost-summer, friends!

abbie /// xoxox

p.s. new header. thoughts?


  1. Wow, we just got back from hiking and seeing pretty sites like that!

  2. GREAT job on the header! I miss summer too, but I think I still like the winter. (:


  3. awh, your little bros are cute. sounds like a super fun adventure! glad you brought your camera along. (:


  4. Ohh I love the pictures! I also have a brotehr Alex.:)


  5. Love the new header! And I love these photos even more. :) They are so sweet! They remind me so much of my childhood, we used to have snail and caterpillar 'collections', it was so much fun. Thank you for posting this. :)

  6. The woods are about the best place to spend the summer. Especially building forts. :) I really like the new header, I like the simple feel to it.

    Hannah <3


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