June 4, 2012


This morning, I woke up at seven, on my own. Even without my glasses, I could see the light streaming in from my window. I staggered out of bed, grabbed my camera, and hopped back in. I snapped a couple of pictures, before snuggling down and falling asleep again.

Photography is a gift to people. It frames moments, turning them into memories to be cherished. It reveals beauty in places where you don't normally look. It brings light. It yields joy.

Lately I've been thinking about my style and my 'voice' in photography. For some time, I had pictures that I liked, and I was happy with them, but something kept nagging at me inside. I compared myself to other photographers, thinking things like, "Yeah, it's good, but not as good as her work... I wish my pictures looked like that..." so on, so forth. I would get so tired of trying.

I am constantly learning that it's totally okay that my pictures don't look like Hannah Nicole's, Carlotta's, Ellie Be's, Megan's, etc. They are all amazing photographers and I love their work, but if everyone did work like them, then there would be no Hannah or Megan, or whoever. I am learning to be content with my work, and to keep striving to take pictures that are meaningful, and that tell stories.

I want to start a photography business when I'm older. I think I've known it for a while. The way I feel when I take a great picture, when a brother or friend smiles while I snap... it makes me know that this is what I want to be doing for a long time. Every time I look at the work of other photographers, it makes me want to do it even more. I have my first paid session this month, and I'm SO excited. (I haven't launched my business yet... I offered to do senior portraits for a friend for free, and she said she would pay me. I was like, "Sure!")

I've prayed about it too, of course. I don't know where God will lead me in my lifetime, but I know this - it's going to amazing. 

And with that, I should turn off my computer and think about going to bed... eventually.

Abbie /// XOXOX

p.s. one hundred ninety-three followers? sheesh, you guys are awesome. a giveaway may be in the works ;)


  1. I totally agree, Abbie. I have found myself doing the same thing. "My photography isn't as special as there's..." or "Everyone just loves their photography." Being ourselves is important; being who God made us to be. :)

    Thanks for sharing this!
    I love your photos.


    P.S. Come enter my giveaway! :)

  2. I agree, I too often compare my photography to others. When that happens, I either feel good about myself (at least mine is "better" than theirs) or I feel really bad, because I think other people have better pictures. It's like the verse in the Bible where it says don't compare yourself with others.

    Anyways, sorry for my long rant, but I just found your blog, and I really like your pictures + this post. ;)

  3. Okay, I love how you were totally honest, and named all the awesome people that I admire, too. I mean, who doesn't wish they could take pictures like Carlotta and Hannah? Although, if you ask them, they'll tell you practice is the only way you'll improve. Keep striving to find your 'voice', Abby!


  4. You are such an inspiration! I love the pictures and your honesty!


  5. I think you're photography is really good! Don't give up on that dream of starting your own photography business! :) Good luck with your senior portrait session!


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