June 18, 2012

a true story.

I walked into my grandparent's dirty, dusty, crowded garage and saw my dad descending into the cellar. "Stay here and wait for me," he said. "If you don't hear anything for a minute, I'm probably dying."
"Well, okay, then," I replied, and watched his silhouette disappear into the dark.

I took a look around the room. Dusty old things, gardening supplies covered in hardened soil. A few moths here and there, flitting around in the sunlight streaming in from the window.

That's when something caught my eye. It was a book, lying on the shelf next to me. It read, "Poems to Remember". I picked it up, and my fingers left prints in the dust. I blew on the cover and watched the dust billow up, just like in movies. And I opened the cover; and this is what I saw.

The page that I opened to had a poem (obviously). But the amazing thing was, that around the poem, the sides of the page were crammed with notes written in blue pen. I kept flipping through pages. Some of them were pen-free. A lot of them were filled with notes, sometimes in blue pen, sometimes in red. I thought it was my grandfather's handwriting, but I wasn't quite sure.

I kept flipping through the pages, until I heard my dad coming up from the cellar. I shut the book and returned it to its spot on the shelf. My father stepped onto the concrete floor, hauling a bucket of carrots and potatoes.

We left the farm soon after that, but the book lingered in my thoughts for most of that evening. I hope I'll get to look at it again soon.

Abbie /// XOXOX


  1. I hope so too... and if you do, please share... :D

  2. i. need. you. to. take. photos. next. time. <3

    eve @ essence of eve

  3. ditto. eve. ;p and lovely writing! :)

  4. I agree with Eve, you need to take pictures next time because I would love to see some of this amazing book. Please do find the book again. :-)


  5. This is so neat. And like everybody else said, you need to take pictures. :)

    Hannah <3


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