July 2, 2012

bunny camp

to be honest, i didn't take that many pictures while i was at bunny camp. i mean, it was busy. we had five adorable, energetic little girls in our cabin. and we had to follow them pretty much everywhere.

but i loved it. not counting the lack of sleep, it was an amazing experience. i can't wait to go back next week to counsel again.

 sometimes, bokeh says it better.

the northland bible camp anthem, written by one of the founders of camp. 

i'm sorry i'm not allowed to post any pictures of our little campers. but seriously. they were SO cute. E was crazy, energetic, and loved bugs. (that's her holding the moth in the one picture.) A was a little bit shy, and very precise and meticulous in everything she did. T was bubbly, talkative, and had the most adorable laugh. K was confident and caring. and S had a sweet smile. sometimes a little bit quiet. but that was okay.

and i'm SO proud of my little brother matti. he was so nervous about going to camp. but he had an amazing time. my heart swelled with pride in him every time i saw him at camp, talking to his friends and participating in activities.

and so now, i have a busy week ahead of me before i head back to camp. but before that, i'll post some pictures of the fireworks from canada day, and a special fangirl post just for you.


abbie /// xoxox

p.s. there was a space theme and the kids had to dress up one of their counselors as a robot. and guess who got dressed up? yeah, that's right. me.


  1. Sounds like a really fun week at camp! :) Haha, nice space outfit!

  2. haha... i loved the picture of you! ;) hilarious. {yeah, that would definitely be me too...} beautiful pictures, Abbie. I'm glad you had/are having a good time. ;)


  3. Haha, Abbie! You make a pretty amazing (& cute) robot!!! :P

    eve @ essence of eve

  4. ooooh, that second one. that second onnnnnne... ♥


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