July 4, 2012

canada day

GUYS. 102 photos. Coming at you in this post. It's the most I've ever posted before. Like, ever.

Honestly, I didn't see much of the show. I was behind my camera, snapping away. And right after the show ended, I felt a bit of regret. I felt like I should have watched more of the fireworks. But looking through all these pictures takes that feeling away entirely. Because I have these pictures to remember it by, and I can still hear the loud bangs of the fireworks exploding, and I can still smell them in the air.

We followed our family traditions and got ice cream before heading the waterfront. I got chocolate chip cookie dough (my personal fave.)

AAAND, here comes the photo dump. If you get through all these I will mail you an ice cream cone with a Canada flag stuck in it. Oh wait, it would melt... never mind.

 ^this one. favorite.

 ^and THIS ONE.

 ^gah! and these two.

Every Canada Day, when I sit on the grass, swatting away bugs and hearing the resounding boom of the fireworks, I feel so grateful to call this beautiful country my home. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. Even more so this year. It was the 100th anniversary of our town. This is where my dad grew up, this is where I've lived for half of my life, and even before we lived here we visited often. This is where my heart is. Makes sense, doesn't it? Because it's home.

Abbie /// XOXOX

P.S. Happy 4th of July, to you American readers. Me and my brother sang the Star Spangled Banner for you. 


  1. I love all of the bokeh ones and the 7th one of the fireworks being shot into the sky! I live in Canada too, so Happy Belated Canada Day! :) I actually just posted some firework pics too!

  2. Those are beautiful, Abbie! :) Gorgeous... and Happy Canada Day to you! (Thank you for singing the Star Spangled Banner... such patriotism.) :]

    Have a blessed night!


  3. OH MY GOSH, these were so amazing, I could have scrolled through 102 more!! ♥♥♥

    Happy Canada Day! I may be an American reader... but fireworks are fireworks, lol.

  4. These photos are incredible, such a great photo shoot! Canada really seems like an amazing place... lucky you to be able to call it home! :)

  5. I loved the firework shots! However did you manage to upload them all?!?! Must've taken a while. That last one is so amazing though! <3

    eve @ essence of eve

  6. I got through all the photos- twice! Does that mean I get two ice cream cones because cookie dough is my absolute favorite too. Your firework pictures are amazing! Most of mine totally failed but you somehow managed to get 100 good ones. :) And that third picture (of the sunset)... I don't know where you took it but I have a picture that looks almost exactly like it. Even the sky was the same color. :)

    Hannah <3

  7. absolutely gorgeous shots! Looks like quite a lot of fun! :)

  8. Wow these are beautiful!! Ice-cream and fireworks- terrific combo :)

  9. WOW. Those are amazing!! That and ice-cream- sounds like a great day :)))


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