July 13, 2012

corncakes for dinner // a guest post by eve

My parents & little brother were out yesterday (pretty much all day), leaving  me & Christine with a fair amount of time on our hands. We had plans for a Lindsey Stirling hair photoshoot, but after spending over half an hour looking for a brand new package of bobby pins, which had somehow mysteriously disappeared, the idea had to be given up on. We also did a bunch of other cool stuff, like have ice cream for lunch and corncakes for dinner... just because we're awesome like that.
The corncake recipe was one I found on the web, and customized a bit. Since the result was quite delicious, I decided to share it with you all. Maybe you'll be inspired to make them for breakfast dinner, too! ;)

makes about 20-25

~3/4 cup cornmeal 
~3/4 cup flour (you don't have to use white flour. i used home-milled spelt flour)
~1 tbsp baking powder
~2 tbsp sugar or other sweeter (honey should do just fine)
~2 eggs
~1 1/4 cups milk
~1/3 cup melted butter
~1 tsp vanilla

Put all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Then, in a separate bowl, mix all the liquid ingredients, having whisked the eggs beforehand. Carefully pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients bowl, stirring constantly as not to form lumps. Ladle into a hot skillet and cook until golden brown.

Raspberry jam makes a great topping, but you can use pretty much anything! Hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. oh this looks amazinglyohmygoodnessly yummy. and yes, I just made a word.

  2. ooh, yum. ;) and for dinner? YES. sometimes we eat pancakes for dinner; actually we haven't in years, but we have before. ;)

    sounds delish!


  3. These are great pictures, Eve! The colors are outstanding. :) Glad you had a good time with your friend!

  4. That looks so good! Yummy!


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