July 21, 2012


i love being on the road
watching the trees fly by
each one like a moment in my life:
beauty to be savored before it's gone.

the low sun shines through branches
casting shadows on the road and my skin
the world rushes over me, and it carries me to a new place:
my destination.


we went to a special place yesterday. and it felt so good to be going somewhere, even though i've been going there for most of my life. i need to go on a trip, and soon.

lately i was feeling so un-pumped about summer. i was bored, tired, and longing for fall and a change of seasons. last night my love of summer was rekindled as i stood in the golden light, loving life.

 two little girls who were there with their families. i love this picture!

 favorite picture from the day.

hey, rest-of-the-summer? i'm ready. and you're going to be amazing.

abbie /// xoxox


  1. gorgeous, Abbie! ;) i love the picture of the two girls. beautiful, just beautiful. :)


  2. Lovely pictures! Sometimes the trips that you take all the time are the best. :)

    Hannah <3

  3. Beautiful; this captures "summer" in words and photos wonderfully.

  4. This post is great! I stayed somewhere identical when I went to Canada (the same little raft thing...) Your blog is amazing! I read your description and you sound so much like my friend Abbie (even have the same name!) We both love switchfoot and Jesus too :)
    Gina x

  5. Love the pruney little fingers. :)

  6. Wow, I LOVED the beginning poem and I really like the pictures of the flowers and your little bother after bathtime in his jammies. Kids are so cute with wet hair, clean skin, and cute little pajamas :)


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