July 16, 2012

songbird takes flight

And so I went to camp for another week. Casting the name Abbie aside for the week, I was now called 'Songbird' by the campers. Every counselor gets to choose a bird name, following tradition. I ended up co-counseling with a good camp friend of mine, and we had six darling girls in our cabin, ranging from ages 9-11.

I don't even know where to start. It was such a good week. Maybe I'll talk about my campers. I fell in love with them. Shaylan was SO adorable and sweet. Seriously. Sequoia was also really cute. Hannah was energetic and hilarious. Serenity (Quoia's sister) was smart, confident, and had a contagious laugh. Maryn was quiet sometimes, but was creative. And Jenna was talkative and kind. Every evening when we gave goodnight hugs to the girls, I just felt so privileged to have met them and been their leaders for the week.

It was a busy week. I got tired pretty quickly. But it was amazing. I got to lead a drama group, and we did a funny skit. We also did a skit with our cabin for Talent Night, and I played Twenty-Four on my guitar for the campers. I also got to be in a few counselor skits throughout the week, which were SO fun.

I played guitar for my campers every night before they fell asleep, which felt so special for me. It was like a gift from me to them. I loved being part of the staff. One night we did a counselor hunt for the campers, where we all had to hide throughout the camp, and the campers who found us would get points. I was the second counselor to be found, so I felt kind of like a failure. But it was fun anyways.

Our cabin didn't win Honor Cabin, but we told the girls that we had a lot of fun this week, and that's all what matters. We told them we were proud of them. Which we were. We totally were.

On Friday night, we through a carnival for the girls. Every counselor ran a different booth, and someone suggested I do a photo booth. So we hung up a couple of quilts, and I made a bunch of stick props (glasses, hats, mustaches, and the like). It was SO fun, and at least half the campers came to get their pictures taken. I love being a photographer!

And now... the pictures.

(By the way, I realized that most of these are pictures of sunsets, campfires, trees, red cabins, and bokeh. I would have loved to post pictures of my campers, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to. I promise my pictures from Sr. Girls will be much more interesting. Then I'll be a camper and it won't matter if I post pictures of my friends.)

delicious bannock! :)

one of my fellow counselors, brittney (a.k.a. flit)

(the above three were snapped in our counselor room at 6:40am. i love morning light!)

It was an awesome time. We laughed. We loved. We had fun. We prayed. And we saw God do amazing things.

What can I say? I love camp.


  1. Your camp sounds and looks amazing, abbie! I'm so glad you had a great time; counseling is really a blessing and so much fun. And this may sound strange, but your camp reminds me a lot of the Parent Trap! (:

  2. Great pics. Abbie!!

  3. Sounds wonderful! It's great to see God work

  4. Your camp sounds like so much fun! I love the pictures even though you didn't get to post them all. That photo booth you set up sounded like tons of fun, though.

    Hannah <3


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