August 23, 2012

i will be better.

so. i took a blogging break and i don't know why. every time i sat down to write. i had no ideas. nothing came, and when i had something i couldn't put it into words. i'm sorry for my absence, but i'm still alive. i'm here, i'm breathing, and that's something.

tonight, i've been writing blackout poetry and pondering. not gonna lie, these past few days have been kind of tough. i lost my cool a lot (which my 'cool' didn't really exist in the first place), and would collapse into my bed exhausted at night. i let people down, i didn't do the right thing. and it hurts to be this way, because i just want to rise above it all. but, i have to take a deep breath, and tell myself, "it's okay. i will be better."

yet, even through the pain, there have been some happy things. like getting pedicures and going school shopping with my mom, chatting with awesome people (you know who you are), preparing a special project, working on a new blog design, re-reading mockingjay, learning new songs on piano, drinking tea again, and listening to tenth avenue north's new album, the struggle. (do yourself a favor and check it out. it's seriously awesome.)

i'll be back soon with *maybe* something more interesting, but i wanted to let you all know that this is where i'm at, right now.



  1. Love you! That is all.

  2. you are a wonderful person, abbie! don't ever forget that.
    oh, and yes. the struggle is the best album yet! love. xo

  3. You're so awesome, Abbie. I'm really glad we're friends. And I hope things start to look better soon, dear =)

  4. I know how this feels, I really do. I've been through it and I still go through it. The very best thing you can do is dwell in the forgiveness of the cross and the knowledge that in Christ you are perfect. And the second best thing you can do is drink tea and read/watch something like Lord of the Rings because one of the best things about LotR is that nobody is perfect and they go through real struggles and make real mistakes but in the end they always make it through.

    Love you and hope your days start to get better.

    Hannah <3

  5. Lovely blog.


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