August 11, 2012

last days of summer // a film

(note: i had crazy trouble uploading this film to vimeo/publishing this post, so sorry you all got a fake post on your dash yesterday.)

though autumn calls my name and i long to answer, i promised myself that i would enjoy these last moments of summer. lately, it's been long walks outside, spontaneous lake trips, and busy times. (like, my mom's expecting a baby in one month. total craziness.) on my summer list i had written down, "make more films." and so this is a collection of video from the past three days. and yes, it's imperfect - (forgive my shakiness). but i am so in love with it because it's life right now. i love y'all. (and i don't really know why i'm saying y'all because i'm from canada. but whatevs.)

AND, welcome to all my new followers! it's so amazing to have you guys here. :)

Last Days of Summer from Abbie Mauno on Vimeo.


  1. I loved the video, Abbie! :) This is gorgeous. ;) Good job!

  2. That was such a neat video! I loved it! I really loved the shots at the lake. :)

    Hannah <3

  3. Very lovely :)

  4. I love your blog! Great blog title. I hope you will stop by mine: Living fully By Faith.


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