August 2, 2012

real // guest post by jocee

i think it was adam young who said that reality is a lovely place, but i wouldn't want to live there. and in a not-even-close-so-don't-even-try not-so-perfect world, i'd prefer my dreams over this chaotic reality. i mean, i don't want to avoid it completely, but for the times i'm overwhelmed, i tend to turn to the world that i've created. sometimes, it lingers in my mind, and at other times, i'm bold enough to put it down on paper. this is one of those times.

i don't watch the sunrise as often as i should. i don't have any extenuating circumstances for this, just one simple statement: i'd rather be sleeping. but, in a world of my imagination, we'd all get up for the sun rise. no one would talk, we'd just hug each other; the lovers would spread a blanket on their legs, and the others would find a friend, and we'd all be spread out of on a wide stretch of sand as far as we can see, and we'd watch the sun rise out of the ocean, like a toy dropped into the bathtub after sinking would slowly bobble its way back to the top. first, the sky would be a dark blue. then, it would slowly grow lighter, lighter, until the first hues of pink would come into view. and as the sun rose, the sky would be ablaze with red and orange and yellow, and all the lovers would kiss good-morning and we'd all give each other another hug for good measure. we would talk then, telling each other our favourite part of it all. and in groups of however many we choose, we'd walk back and start breakfast, all pitching in, all filling the void, and we'd be there for each other. 

it's not perfect. and it doesn't have to be. it just has to be real.

jocee // dark amber brown eyes, brown hair, dreams with emerald green eyes, sees life in the color vintage, cupcake enthusiast, lover of British accents, left-handed, traditional coca-cola bottle lover, lavender vanilla bubble baths, sea shell collector, avid believer in Narnia, Wonderland and Middle Earth, dictionary reader, quill and ink writer, supporter of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream, profound quote creator, despiser of capital letters, your personal imagination station, inspired by rainy days, aspiring photographer, bubble blower. blogs at cupcake dictionary. obsesses over the avengers.


  1. amazing, jocee. you are an inspiration :)

    xo, jess

  2. Anonymous3.8.12

    love this. it left me speechless.

  3. My first thought was that the title was a reference to Peeta (real, not real) and then when I read that the guest poster was you I freaked out. :) Awesome post, Jocee and I love the way you wrote that second paragraph.

    Hannah <3


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