August 26, 2012


it was a hot and gusty day. so we decided to go and fly our kite. but it didn't turn out very well because our kite would fly for a little while, then it would fall. eventually we just decided to go home, but not before i got some pictures.

you see, today is my half-birthday. and strangely enough, sometimes i feel older than i am. fourteen and a half - that's not long to have been here on earth. growing up can be hard; making mistakes and learning lessons and realizing that some things you once had are gone. but, despite the pain, i know that there is something good behind it. (at least, i try to know.)

sometimes i feel like that kite - i fly high for a short time, only to crash down just as swiftly. i suppose that life is like that. but i can tell you this - with the Lord's help, one of these days I will rise above it all, and see the light shining through the clouds.

and now i leave you with some music. songs that are teaching me things about life. songs that are reminding me that i will rise.


p.s. i guess you can kind of tell from this playlist that my taste in music is, um.. narrow. got any suggestions? ;)

p.p.s. thank you all for your encouraging comments on the last post. it means a lot. 


  1. Try some foreign gothic metal music, Abbie, I'd know you'd love it XD

    1. OHMYGOSH ABBY ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? I'd only expect this from you.

  2. These pictures are so pretty, Abbie. ;) Such cute kiddos! ;) Kite-flying was one of my brothers and sisters' {and mine} favorite past-times.

    And your song list... hmm. I must admit I've never even heard of most of them. Tenth Avenue North is amazing, though. Also, Kari Jobe, Allison Krauss, Josh Groban, and Britt Nicole are some of my favorites. ;)


  3. Nice photos! Yes, in life there can be so many ups and downs. But I love what you said, "one of these days I will rise above it all." So true! :)

  4. Ah! Switchfoot are awesome - I am always accused of having a narrow taste of music because I love Switchfoot so so much! Have you heard of Jenny and Tyler - they are awesome - check out 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'Faint Not' by them!

  5. Relient K, maybe? The Rocket Summer? House Of Heroes? Mae? Five Iron Frenzy? By the way, Switchfoot is my favorite band of all time!


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