September 25, 2012


1. rain drops on the window.
2. the fruit bowl. (tomato is a fruit, yo.)
3. the fruit bowl version two.
4. decorative gourds for fall.
5. practicing guitar.
6. apple pie (which turned out to be a blueberry pie instead... haha.)
7. my cousin neve, here for the week.
8. stella, almost two weeks old.
9. pine needles, shaken down from the storms.

i hope you haven't noticed my absence around here lately. okay... maybe you did. the deal is, i've been so busy with everything that's been going on. AND i haven't been motivated about my work at all lately. blogger is being really awfully annoying and i don't know how to do anything with my layout. and manual mode is hard, yo. (i've been shooting in only manual to learn how to do it well.)

but, as always, there are tons of good moments in life. like spending the weekend with my best friends, laughing and revisiting old memories. writing letters. good books. skype sessions. pie (all that needs to be said about that). family coming down to visit. 

what have you been up to lately? 


  1. gorgeous photos! YOU PLAY THE GUITAR? asdfghjkl;.

    we must jam. xo

  2. this is lovely. :)

  3. Hehe sounds/looks like you've been having an awsome time. I love the pictures :) With me...hmm: gap year! And all the stress and joy that comes with it :)

  4. #6...that is hilarious. story of my life.
    that first photo is so pretty, like glitter.
    estella is already 2 weeks old? wow, time flies by! she is a beautiful baby.
    i think we should write letters, yes? yes. xx

  5. good to know you're back!

  6. Stella is super duper cute. :) I love your pictures, especially the ones of the gourds and the pine needles.

    Hannah <3

  7. aahhhh, your cousin & your little sister are so cute!!!! <3
    by the way, you should try shooting in aperture priority for a couple of weeks. looking back, I so wish I had done it instead of tackling manual right away. it helps with getting used to ISO & aperture, without having to worry about shutter speed. ;)
    girl, when you come over (*hint*) I am SO designing your blog!

    eve @ essence of eve

    p.s. I had tea last night. just because.
    p.p.s. still think coffee is better.
    p.p.p.s. THIS IS NOT OVER!!


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