September 7, 2012

windows of hope

so. tonight i was feeling kind of lonely & hopeless. i felt like i had no friends and i was always going to be struggling. my mom told me to spend some time alone. and i didn't want to, but i did.

and it turned out to be exactly what i needed. i listened to encouraging music, cleaned up my room and cleared my mind.

THEN, jocee posted on facebook that she wanted to skype with someone, so i said i would. and, so we skyped. and it was AWESOME. like, we talked about food, and how canadians say "sorry" differently than americans, and how i haven't seen the avengers, and the hunger games movie and what texas is like and stuff, and... it was just super encouraging and happy.

AND THEN, i got to chat with the wonderful oriana! we talked about books, and long hair, and blogger meet-ups, and school, and feet falling asleep, and life in general.

thanks, you wonderful girls, for making my evening a whole lot better. i feel a lot more hopeful, a lot more refreshed, and a lot more happy.

“there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
-c. s. lewis


    but seriously. this is so sweet. i'm so touched. i'm gonna cry. (cause i'm really emotional and stuff and i often feel the same way.) so yeah, girl. you're awesomesauce. keep smiling and eat cupcakes. and possibly move to austin. then you could have unlimited barbecue sauce. and sunburn. but anyways. yeah. i like you. <3

  2. this kind of made my day, you know? i love talking to people especially because i haven't been out much lately. loved talking to you tonight! :) xo

  3. That is so sweet! :) Glad that they both made your day!

  4. i'm sorry you were having a bad say, but i'm so glad you're feeling better now. jocee and oriana are both so sweet - i'm glad that they could cheer you up. xo

    p.s. hope you know that i'm almost always available to chat/skype, should you need to talk :)

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