October 25, 2012

on the road || london trip part one

This is the story of the day I spent in a van with my aunt and my cousin on the way to visit the rest of my cousins.

I love being on the road. I love listening to my favorite music and watching the world pass by. I love watching movies, sometimes new ones, sometimes old favorites. (this time we watched Bambi and 101 Dalmatians. both were new for me, and all i can say is: don't think about Cruella DeVille before bed.) I love laughing and eating road trip snacks and taking rest stops. I love looking at all the blurry road pictures I took. I love finally arriving at where you were going and the awesome excitement of seeing family again.

part 2 of the trip, coming soon...



  1. these pictures are so lovely, Abbie! loving the bokeh in those pictures. ;)

    xo, mikailah


  2. I love road trips. Hence, I love this post. Hence, I love you. xo

  3. yes, i love all of this too. xoxo

  4. Road trips are awesome but spending time with cousins is better. Hope you have tons of fun! Also, was it the Disney animated 101 Dalmatians? If so, I love that movie so much and the song Cruella DeVille is a classic. :)

    Hannah <3


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