October 17, 2012

take me to the city

Last Saturday, we went on a road trip to Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec. (by the way, Rouyn is pronounced rue-AHN.) Which was a relatively new city for me. I vaguely remembered driving through there once on the way to visit some friends in Quebec but that was about it.

Let me just say - the drive was splendid. I made a new playlist on my iPod specifically for it. I read Catching Fire again and took pictures out of the front window with my zoom lens. I love road trips so much and I don't really get to go on them a lot. So it was pretty great.

I can't tell you what it felt like to be in Quebec again after about 2 years. I spent a pretty big chunk of my childhood in Montreal (from about age 4-7). I have so many memories of that place. Sometimes I even find that most of my childhood memories come from those years. I mean, Rouyn wasn't Montreal (I haven't visited Montreal in about 4 years), but it was still Quebec. My French was extremely rusty after all those years, but I'm trying to speak a bit more of it every day so I can get it back.

I'll miss this place. But for now, some pictures from our day.

(i had a crepe with bananas and nutella for lunch. be jellly.)

abbie // xoxox


  1. I love these pictures! They perfectly describe what people see when they go on a trip.

  2. gorgeous pictures, Abbie! i would love to visit Canada someday... and it looks like winter already!! :) the leaves aren't even changing here in Arizona, and today is about 70*. *sigh*

    looks like you had fun! {and your lunch sounds delish! ;)}


  3. Lovely scenery, Abbie! Totally reminds me of the winter season. :) Glad you had a good time on your trip!

  4. I am jelly. dude. nutella.

  5. yes! this post made me smile. canada looks lovely, and your trips looks like loads of fun! i'm coming with you next time. (; xo

  6. love the road trip post!


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